Philadelphia Patch Adams Free Clinic


Please join us at “The Fire”, 410-412 W. Girard Ave. on March 8th, 2015, at 4PM when Paul Glover, former professor of Urban Studies at Temple University, inventor of Ithaca Hours, a local currency which spawned hundreds of thousands of dollars for the town of Ithaca, New York and 18 other organizations/projects, including the highly lauded, Philadelphia Orchard Project., will speak about The Patch Adams Free Health Clinic in Philadelphia. This will be the first clinic personally endorsed by Mr. Adams beyond his personal Patch Adams Clinic in West Virginia. The clinic is to be member owned (even through barter)- a passive, solar, earth sheltered structure, built on 5 acres in the heart of North Philadelphia. The roof and surrounding acreage will grow healthy food. It will be a revolution in health care and put Philadelphia on the global map for innovation and care for her citizens.

Mr. Glover will share plans for this solar powered structure which is set to transform the landscape of North Philadelphia and positively impact the creative economy. As an economic development force, it will bring many benefits including green jobs and a training program which will introduce the values of eco-living to the youth of the area, as the entire neighborhood works together to balance the ecological footprint, of our city.

Mr. Glover’s books can be accessed here.