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Camille Claudel by Gianmaria Griglio


Camille Claudel locandina e poster 2 (1)

“Camille Claudel” is a new world premiere Italian opera by International Opera Theater (IOT) to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The opera traces the key moments in the life of Camille Claudel, the brilliant French sculptor who lived between the XIX and XX century. Born in a small town in northern France, Camille, at an early age, showed quite an unusual precocity for sculpture. After moving to Paris with her family, Camille was taken as a pupil by the great sculptor, Auguste Rodin. Their relationship was soon transformed into a passionate love affair, despite the fact that Rodin was more than twenty years older and was living with Rose Beuret, with whom he had a son. The relationship between Rodin and Camille suffered many setbacks, mainly due to her lack of success as an artist, always in the shadow of Rodin. Worn out from fifteen years of a stormy relationship and convinced that Rodin copied her work, Camille tried to destroy all of her own sculptures. Hospitalized in an asylum in 1913 – at the behest of her mother and her brother, Paul, a diplomat by profession – she remained there until her death in 1943.

The opera was proceeded by a press conference at the University of Pavia in June. The world premiere took place in Teatro degli Avvaloranti, Città della Pieve, in August 2013 and subsequently traveled to Pavia for inclusions in two festivals: Echoes Festival and Festival dei Borghi e Valle.
The libretto for “Camille Claudel” was written by Eleonora Gai and Gianmaria Griglio. The music is composed by Gianmaria Griglio.

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Artistic Director & Stage Director – Karen Saillant (USA)
Conductor – Gianmaria Griglio (Italy)
Sets and Costumes – Mi-Kyoung Lee (South Korea)
Lighting designer – Christian Bygott (USA)
Photographer – Ornella Tiberi – (Italy)


Camille Claudel (young) – Violetta Lazin (Serbia)
Camille Claudel (old) – Natalie Burdeny (Canada)
Auguste Rodin – Manuel Gorka (Mexico)
Rose Beuret – Michaela Magoga (Italy)
Paul Claudel – Kim Dn (South Korea)

Elizabeth Marr (Scotland)
Jasma Pelagic (Serbia)
Lara Vercher (Spain)
Juan Antonio Pero’ (Spain)
Anna Livia Walker (Italy)
Carmine Aufiero (USA)
Oliver Pooley (England)
Duncan Anderson (England)
Ulrike Brand (Germany)


Producer: Marco Bertozzi, ProLoco, Citta’ della Pieve

Poster Design Francesca Tiriboco of Studio 54
Publicity: Pierfrancesco Goga of Studio 54

IOT wishes to thank The Comune of Citta’ della Pieve, Maria Luisa Meo, Head of Culture of Citta’ della Pieve, Valerio Bitarello, Culture Operator and Marco Possieri, without whose support and belief in our work, these 10 years would never have been possible. We would also like to thank the hundreds of other artists, friends, volunteers, interns and supporters from Italy, Philadelphia and throughout the world whose hard work and dedication have made 10 world premiere operas in 10 years.

A special thank you to The Mayor of Citta’ della Pieve, Riccardo Manganello, for his continued support.

Camille Claudel by Gianmaria Griglio

Elegy of The Children of Terezin – Peace Day Philly & International Day of Peace

Performance this Sunday 9/21/2014 at Old St. Joseph’s 321 Willings Ally



Old St. Joseph Church 1


Demetrio Music and Words

Demetrio Sheet Music

Demetrio Words

SOGNO Libretto


Demetrio Music and Words

Maria Luisa Meo

Now a retired teacher of English Language and Culture, Maria Luisa Meo has always been interested in writing in different forms and genres. She has been writing and directing plays about authors and themes connected with didactic activities for many decades. She is the author of four scripts of documentary theatre about focal moments of Italian history and culture of the XX century. The titles are: 25 aprile; Fuoco e ombre; Riflusso e fango, I giovani e il ’68. The plays trace the period of fascism, of terrorism, of reflux with important cues of general concern. For some years she has been involved in local history and has been conducting research about social and cultural topics linked to the development of the territory. Publications about local history: Città della Pieve 1900-1954. Cultura, politica e società, Crediumbria, 2011; Città della Pieve 1945-1980. Cultura, politica e società, Fabbri Editore, 2016; Il Borgo da Dentro, Terziere Borgo Dentro, 2017; Lucida visione. I cinquant’anni del liceo di Città della Pieve tra storia e futuro, Fabbri Editore, 2019.
For many years Ms. Meo has been cooperating with International Theater of Philadelphia (IOT), supporting the realization of operas in Città della Pieve. She has also translated the texts of three cantatas written in English by Karen Lauria Saillant, with music by Hildegard Von Bingen and living Sardinian composer, Mariano Garau, premiered by young American sopranos, under the direction of Karen Lauria Saillant for Assisi Suono Sacro Festival 2016, 2017, 2018: Hildegard Von Bingen, Bambina Mistica, with Italian opera singer, Agnese Piazienti as Hildegard, at Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi, in front of the porziuncola and also at La Scarzuola, Montegabbione as well as at The Sisters of Saint Francis, Philadelphia; Bambina Mistica e La Vergine Nera with Jamaican opera singer, Carline Waugh, performed at Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi and also at The Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, outside of Philadelphia; Hildegard Von Bingen, I Bambini di Fatima e il Miracolo del Sole, at Santuario di Fatima, Citta’ della Pieve, the 1st church in Italy to be dedicated to The Madonna of Fatima.

Maria Luisa Meo’s libretto about Dante is based on personalized extracts from Vita Nova and Divine Comedy with references to T. S. Eliot.

King Cooper Project

Composer Allen King Cooper Jr (June 3, 1930 – March 13, 1993). is the focus of International Opera Theater’s King Cooper Project. The photograph of the 1961 graduating class from the Curtis Institute of Music Through his self determination, he managed to learn to play six instruments, though if asked, he could not explain how he did it. Cooper’s works include operas, ballets, piano pieces, and at least one symphony. 

Cooper, Allen King

The complete breadth of his work is still undetermined, as the passage of time and personal struggles have scattered his work across the country. While the King Cooper Project will culminate with a tribute concert to this most deserving composer, we also continue our search to locate missing scores in order to give his works the performances they deserve.If you have any information on works by Allen King Cooper Jr., please contact kingcooperproject@internationaloperatheater.org 

speaks volumes to his determination as one of the few black students who graduated from the prestigious conservatory up to that point in time. Cooper, Allen King(See letter of recommendation which tells the heart rending story of the obstacles he had to overcome, as well as his love for and knowledge of Beethoven.) Cooper did not have the formal musical training that one would expect of an applicant to Curtis.

Growing up as one of 13 brothers and sisters, in a Philadelphia household so poor that a pair of shoes was shared among siblings for special occasions, music lessons would have be an unthought of luxury. Cooper’s memories of his auto didactic training began at the age of four, with his ear glued to the radio. He went on to spend hours in the Philadelphia library studying scores, and exclaimed Beethoven to be his teacher.

Karen Saillant, artistic director and founder of IOT, was cast by Cooper as the leading soprano in two of his world premieres in the 60s. At the time, Cooper was writing a realization of King Lear, for which Ms. Saillant was to be his Cordelia.

Allen Cooper_Francis Bosworth Letter

                                                                                                  (Letter of recommendation)