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King Cooper Project

Composer Allen King Cooper Jr (June 3, 1930 – March 13, 1993). is the focus of International Opera Theater’s King Cooper Project. The photograph of the 1961 graduating class from the Curtis Institute of Music Through his self determination, he managed to learn to play six instruments, though if asked, he could not explain how he did it. Cooper’s works include operas, ballets, piano pieces, and at least one symphony. 

Cooper, Allen King

The complete breadth of his work is still undetermined, as the passage of time and personal struggles have scattered his work across the country. While the King Cooper Project will culminate with a tribute concert to this most deserving composer, we also continue our search to locate missing scores in order to give his works the performances they deserve.If you have any information on works by Allen King Cooper Jr., please contact 

speaks volumes to his determination as one of the few black students who graduated from the prestigious conservatory up to that point in time. Cooper, Allen King(See letter of recommendation which tells the heart rending story of the obstacles he had to overcome, as well as his love for and knowledge of Beethoven.) Cooper did not have the formal musical training that one would expect of an applicant to Curtis.

Growing up as one of 13 brothers and sisters, in a Philadelphia household so poor that a pair of shoes was shared among siblings for special occasions, music lessons would have be an unthought of luxury. Cooper’s memories of his auto didactic training began at the age of four, with his ear glued to the radio. He went on to spend hours in the Philadelphia library studying scores, and exclaimed Beethoven to be his teacher.

Karen Saillant, artistic director and founder of IOT, was cast by Cooper as the leading soprano in two of his world premieres in the 60s. At the time, Cooper was writing a realization of King Lear, for which Ms. Saillant was to be his Cordelia.

Allen Cooper_Francis Bosworth Letter

                                                                                                  (Letter of recommendation)

The DNA of Creativity


Christopher Zelov FIlmmaker


Please join us at “The Fire”, 410-412 W. Girard Ave. on March 1st, 2015 at 4PM
with filmmaker Christopher Zelov, whose film, Ecological Design, played at The Sundance Film Festival
and later received 7 awards, setting the path for Green Design in the 1990’s and beyond.

His book Design Outlaws is now in its 5th edition.

His Film City21 was featured on PBS and became an ongoing series.


Chris is presently working on a new film called: The Future of Design Education

Building the Global Creative Culture of Philadelphia.©


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IOT Has Performed in 22 Venues in Philadelphia & Italy

Teatro Valle, Rome’s oldest theater site of IOT 9th World Premiere “Buffalo Soldier”
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