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Buffalo Soldier

“Buffalo Soldier” is based on the little known story of the segregated 92nd Infantry Division, who fought with unyielding valor in World War II. Inspired by award-winning documentary “Inside Buffalo” by Fred Kuwornu, the opera will premiere in Città della Pieve (Umbria) Italy on July 22-23-24 as part of the Trasimeno Blues Festival and then proceed to the Teatro Valle in Rome on July 27.

IOT is coordinating more than 25 events in Philadelphia to educate and bring life to the heroic camaraderie of the Italian people and The 92nd Division, beginning with a Members’ Exhibition at DaVinci Art Alliance in November 2011 and including a concert and lecture at The National Constitution Center with participation of The Italian Consulate of Philadelphia, The African American Museum of Philadelphia and veterans of the 92nd Infantry Division.

Members’ Exhibition at DaVinci Art Alliance in November 2011 sponsored by Pennsylvania Humanities Council.

Italian version

IOT will present Buffalo Soldier during a conference in one of the biggest and oldest universities in Europe next June 18, at 5pm: the conference will feature Karen Saillant, Gianmaria Griglio, Daniele Fiorentino and Ernesto Nassi, moderated by Franco Piperno. Click here for the press release, here for the Euronews article in english.

Istituto Parri