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Camille Claudel

IMG_0548A new world premiere by International Opera Theater for its 10 years anniversary. The opera traces the key moments in the life of Camille Claudel, the brilliant French sculptor who lived between the XIX and XX century. Born in a small town in northern France,  Camille, at an early age, showed quite an unusual precocity for sculpture. After moving to Paris with her family, Camille was taken as a pupil by the great sculptor, Auguste Rodin. Their relationship was soon transformed into a passionate love affair, despite the fact that Rodin was more than twenty years older and was living with Rose Beuret, with whom he had a son. The relationship between Rodin and Camille suffered many setbacks, mainly due to her lack of success as an artist, always in the shadow of Rodin. Worn out from fifteen years of stormy relationship and convinced that Rodin copied her work, Camille tried to destroy all of her own sculptures. Hospitalized in an asylum in 1913 – at the behest of her mother and brother Paul, a diplomat by profession – she remained there until her death in 1943.

The opera will be presented with a press conference at the University of Pavia in June, with Paul Claudel’s niece as a special guest. The world premiere will take place in Città della Pieve, in August 2013, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Opera Theater, and subsequently travel to Pavia. Libretto has been written by Eleonora Gai and Gianmaria Griglio, while the music is by Gianmaria Griglio. Click here for the calendar.

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Camille Claudel (young) – Violetta Lazin
Camille Claudel (old) – Natalie Burdeny
Auguste Rodin – Manuel Gorka
Rose Beuret – Michaela Magoga
Paul Claudel – Kim Dn

Stage Director – Karen Saillant
Conductor – Gianmaria Griglio
Sets and Costumes – Mi-Kyoung Lee
Lighting designer – Christian Bygott