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Shim Chung- Celebrates Centennial of Korean Independence Movement

Opera Singers (August 1 – 31) and Instrumentalists (August 22 – 31) – each from a different culture-

gather in an Italian opera house









to begin a once in a lifetime adventure
to transform the world of opera

Shim Chung- Celebrates Centennial of Korean Independence Movement

only a little over an hour from the

location where opera was first formed in the center of a gorgeous

Umbrian hillside town

















birthplace of the most famous Italian artist before Michelangelo & daVinci,

named the most perfect town in Italy in 2013,

where an intact Etruscan tombnamed one of the most important architectural finds of 2015, was uncovered

and during the period of an Historic Renaissance Festival

On this platform, with innovative American stage director Karen Lauria Saillant will inspire opera singers to self organize themselves onstage as together we create our new opera. Ms. Saillant has premiered works in 21 theaters in Italy & US, including with The Philadelphia Orchestra at The Academy of Music and at Teatro Valle, Rome’s oldest opera house, where Donizetti & Rossini premiered their works.

In this empowerment experience, singers will also collaborate with

an esteemed Italian conductor, Italian Maestro Mauro Fabbri,

resident conductor at The Finnish National Opera, State Opera Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and Wupperthal Opera, Germany, our conductor and musical director.

a renowned South Korean fiber artist, South Korean Fiber Artist, Mi-Kyoung Lee,

our costume and set designer. Head of Crafts at the University of The Arts.

distinguised Italian composer, Italian Maestro Angelo Inglese

and other fine artists and Italian linguists  who will create International Opera Theater 16th world premiere Italian opera-

a fully staged, fully costumed and lit new opera in 1 month- something that usually takes more than 1 year to accomplish.

We are the only opera company in the world able to create such a project in so short a period of time.

We are able because we use “ausstrahlung” (emanations- charisma) as the basis for our movement based communication model- working onstage through exercises I have developed over a period of 50+ years- with processes which empower operatic performers to self-organize onstage and be expressive physically and vocally, while remaining in harmony with nature-

to increase intercultural sensitivity, empathy, intuition, the primary impulse (meaning to be able to act before cognitive thought), mirror neurons and instinct- abilities necessary for our global peacemakers and the most brilliant musicians.

August 1-31, with performances August 29,30,31 with orchestra.

In last year’s opera premiere there were artists from 24 cultures in 1 opera: Egypt, Russia, Macedonia, Albania, Cambodia, China, South Korea, USA, Malaysia, Belarus, Italy, Greece, England, Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Tatarstan, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Chile, Poland.

Opera singers will also be invited to sing for American premiere in Philadelphia, June 2020, at The Kimmel Center and then to go with company to premiere opera in South Korea.

Through our revolutionary work we are bringing to life the objectives of The Florentine Camerata when they first created opera- the amalgamation of all arts: to heal their tainted society.