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ACF Winning Composers – Decameron

As the Musical Director of International Opera Theater, Center for New Italian Opera, I am pleased to welcome the winners of The American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter, New Voices Project to our exciting production of Decameron, an opera based on the tales of 14th century Italian author and poet, Giovanni Boccaccio.

When ACF Philadelphia, funded by The William Penn Foundation and The Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia, spoke to IOT about the idea of an opera for 7 composers, we immediately suggested a project that has long interested us: The Decameron. The Board of ACF Philadelphia was enthusiastic and moved to select the winners from a field of 23 very gifted apllicants.

I congratulate the winning composers::

* Efrain Amaya, http://www.efrainamaya.com/
* Michael Djupstrom, http://www.michaeldjupstrom.com/
* Daniel Shapiro, http://www.danielshapiromusic.com/
* Adam B. Silverman, http://www.adambsilverman.com/
* Tony Solitro, http://upenn.academia.edu/TonySolitro, http://www.reverbnation.com/tonysolitro
* Thomas Whitman, http://www.swarthmore.edu/Humanities/twhitma1/thomas_whitman_index.htm
* Ya-Jhu Yang

ACF Philadelphia was especially interested in the opportunity this work would allow for the creation of seven operatic vignettes in the Italian language. This project perfectly fits the philosophy of IOT, which is to bring international artists together to create new works of art in Italian. Our intention is to preserve segments of the original text, while giving the opera a modern twist. In this way tradition will meet innovation. Using the Italian language, the mother tongue of opera, we are able to offer our composers an excursion into the expressive quality of Italian, while at the same time providing our singers with the singability of Italian.

A panel of distinguished judges will select the four singers who will portray the major roles in Decameron, as winners of a new 3 day international opera competition: I° Concorso Internazionale di Canto Lirico premio Città di Saluzzo – dedicato a Magda Olivero (competition link). Magda Olivero is the world famous opera singer who was born in Citta’ di Saluzzo and who will this year celebrate her 100th birthday. Coincidentally, the last tale of The Decameron, is about The Marquis of Saluzzo and Griselda, a tale which has for many centuries brought attention to our town.

In October, I will come to Philadelphia to begin rehearsals. The performances will be at the Prince Music Theater, November 12, 13 and 14.

I look forward to this new work and to the thrilling experience of working together to share Decameron with the people of Philadelphia.

Sincerely Yours,

Gianmaria Griglio
Musical Director
International Opera Theater