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IOT Artistic director KAREN SAILLANT was chosen to present on Shakespeare in Opera Houses at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America in St. Louis, Missouri, in April 2014.

Karen's talk on ShakespeareIOT has based 8 of our 11 world premiere Italian operas on works of William Shakespeare. We believe in the power of the commedia dell’arte archetypes found in Shakespeare’s plays, to resonate and be recognizable within all cultures. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are set in Italy, which also makes them prime subjects.Ms. Saillant spoke on the following IOT productions:

2004-“Sogno di Una Notte di Mezza Estate”, based on “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Music by Kristen Hevner. Libretto by Antonio Fava.

2005- “Il Racconto D’Inverno”, based on “The Winter’s Tale”. Music by Troy Herion. Libretto by Romina Minucci

2006- “La Tempesta” based on “The Tempest”. Music by Troy Herion. Libretto by Antonio Fava.

2007- “Sogno di Una Notte di Mezza Estate”, based on “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Music by Pietro Rigacci.Libretto by Debra Pioli

2008- “Romeo e Giulietta”, based on “Romeo and Juliet”. Music by Emily Wong. Libretto By Tommaso Sabbatini










2009- “JAGO”, sequel to “Othello”. Music by Carlo Pedini. Libretto by Lucio Lironi. Based on an original story by Karen Saillant

2010- “La Bisbetica” based on “The Taming of the Shrew”. Music by Efrain Amaya. Libretto by Karen Saillant.

2014- “Azaio” based on the lost and forgotten children of Shakespeare and the Mariner from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Music by David Matthew Brown. Libretto and Story by Karen Saillant and Christian Bygott.